Monday, November 17, 2008

First Post

Over the years I have found I often email myself information about:
  • cool things I find
  • important or useful information
  • mini-projects I put together in my spare time
  • ideas for mini-projects I should put together in my spare time
  • etc
I figure it's high time I find a better way of organizing this information. Additionally, most of the stuff I save tends to be fruit(s) of many hours of research and experimentation labour; there's no good reason this information shouldn't be readily available for other people to find and use.

Often I find exactly the information I'm looking for easily and quickly. Many times it's on someone's blog. This is exactly the information I will not be blogging about. My aim is for the information I put up to be interesting, useful and original. If you know of another place on the web with similar content to one of my posts (and there's no link already), chances are I couldn't easily find it, so feel free to bring it to my attention and (do the world a favour and) paste the URL.

Needless to say, comments are welcome (this is Web 2.0 stuff after all). Rudeness, unnecessary ranting and so forth are not. If your comment contains excessive and unnecessary profanity, inappropriate content or other attributes that cause me to look at it and think something along the lines of "wow, this person is..." followed by "immature," "a bigot," "a real jerk" or anything similar, chances are it will not make it past my filter.

I will try to make sure my posts are useful, interesting and time-saving. Please make sure your comments are tailored with the same spirit.

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